24 Februari 2011

Sup Labi-Labi ?

Yesterday was my Ivy and Bravo (ChowChow)'
bath time on the petshop

After brought them to the petshop
I, my mom and dad going to ate something
our destination that day was
to the Sup Labi-Labi

Its made from a kind of turtoise
Its good for ur health
and rich in Omega

There are many uses to eat this 'Labi-Labi'
The meat can be eaten
The Oil can cure wound
The fat can be eaten too

Saat aku memakannya, rasanya
Lumayan ...
Tapi aku tak berani memakan lemaknya
sebenarnya salah juga kalau dibilang lemak
karena itu semacam lengkong atau jelly

Cobalah kapan-kapan !

2 komentar:

  1. hmm , I have to try it . , thanks for ur sharing :)

  2. U're welcome ! Happy Blogging!