25 Desember 2010

I got my second payment from paidtoclick.in

Helo semuanya, hari ini aku dapat PO kedua dari paidtoclick.in !
Memang tidak seberapa kawan cuman $0.34 setelah beberapa hari klik banyak ads dan main jackpot
Kalau mau daftar klik ini : www.paidtoclick.in

Maaf tidak ada gambar, kalau mau comment yaaa (ada yang baca..??!) hhehehehe^^
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16 Desember 2010

Hey! Have you earn money by clicking?

Now, I am doing some work at hom eto get extra money. And what i do is Paid to click !
This PTC site allow you to get money by clicking advertisement or sign up or just visiting.
This can be good, if you have referral. Because if you have it you can earn more money, and the referrals will not lose their moneu.

I have some site that are TRUSTED and FREE sign-up so you dont have to afraid anything, and you can check it in google.

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